Further information about Sarah's Spiritual Guides and many helpers from the other side.




Let me introduce you to my very special Guides

CHUSLUM - Indian Guide

Whilst on the earth plane he would gather the bulls to feed his family and afterwards he would do much dancing to thank the Great Spirit for his feast and ask for more young bison to be born in order to keep their food chain active. Chuslum is shown wearing his ceremonial outfit this is in honor to his spirit and beliefs, he was a very brave man and very family committed he was taught a lot about spirituality from his ancestors. Passing over to spirit due to being killed in a battle, he lost his life saving his father. Stepping in to guide me around eight months back when I was being driven down a different path of learning, he was drawn to guide me due to my spiritual persona and creativity. Chuslum drew many pictures and drawings whilst on the earth plane and assists me with psychic art drawings and paintings. knowing me prior to my birth, he classes me as an old soul which has had many incarnations.



I believe him to be a very wise Lama when on the earth plane. born in the second largest city of Tibet (Shigatze), another lama high up within his religion named him, they believed Kunchen to be very blessed, he was born with many auspicious signs, he reached his nirvana within his life and choose not to return back to an earthly life. He taught thousands and his teachings live on today.

Kunchen has been with me since before I was born.

He assists me to keep on the rightful path and guides me with my intuitive abilities.

Kunchen allows other spirits to connect with me, assists them to step closer to my auric field, he then opens the channels of communication and interprets the spirit messages to ones I can understand in order to convey them to people. In other words he is my gate keeper.


MAI COYOTE - Native American Indian

Her name when interpreted to our language means coyote. She was referred to as a hero by her tribe as she would defend the women and children when the men were hunting or at war.

She was very brave on the earth plane and always wanted to protect others, her nature is to protect assist and lead.

Mai died within her older days as she had a bad illness which left her heart with many problems, this then eventually stopped beating, she has been with me since I was 16 years old, she replaced another guide that had chose to protect me through my childhood. Mai has chosen to protect me throughout my adulthood and will stay with me until I leave the earth plane.

Mai protects me from any negativity and works with me when I practise mediumship, Mai will only allow high level spirit near me and guards me against the lower levels, she brings deceased loved ones to me for closure or other emotional reasons.


SAGE - Chinese Medicine Doctor

Sage worked as a Doctor all of his adult life, he was born into a very wise family who believed in the healing properties of herbs and other substances provided by mother earth.

Sage was very well known within his area and he claims to have helped thousands within his lifetime, his work still continues today.

Sage was part of the 'Ming Dynasty', he was an author and wrote many articles relating to Tao medicine, he studied and used plant, animal and mineral products, he still believes in Taoist Philosophy.

Sage died as an elderly man, he passed through natural causes, he did not suffer and a large ceremony was held after his passing.

He has the ability to use methods for exorcism, trance states, hands on healing abilities and trans-medium work which he carries out through me.


Jizo Bodhisattva - (John) Buddhist

His nane was given to him by a lama, he shortened his name to John for me some years back as it was easier for me. John lived a rich and rewarding life with many loved ones and spiritual enlightenment.

He passed to spirit in his thirties, he had been caught in a violent war within his town, he had gone to help the others and received a deadly blow, that was the last he remembered. He has indured many incarnations therefore he has chose not to return to the earth plane and has guided many since his earthly lives, he chose to guide me because of the hurt and pain I have endured throughout this lifetime and has been with me for about five years. He assists me with Clairvoyant work, compassion and empathy for others, in fact John can help me with any area and assists my other guides by attaching his energy with theirs and produces a far stronger force to enlighten and guide me.