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       Sarah Slade 
 Registered Healer (INHA), Registered Metaphysician (WMA)
Registered Holistic Facility (HUHC)
Pink Diamond Star Productions
Sarah Slade is known world wide as a medium, psychic, healer and the author of 'Guidance FromThe Other Side'. She has guided and assisted many people including well known celebrities.
Due to Sarah's ongoing disabilities and continued ill health , she does not work carrying out any healing or readings but has been concentrating upon writing her second book in her spare time which is a self help and guidance program devised to release and remove trauma, negativity and fear from the sub-conscious mind allowing harmony and balance to the soul. She will be however hosting her own spiritual development radio shows towards the end of 2010 and filming for a television documentary.
 Thank you to each and every one of you that has purchased or distributed 'Guidance from the other side' and left reviews and to those that have followed and supported me. 
Over the past 20 years Sarah qualified as a Master/Teacher Reiki Practitioner/Facilitator and has qualified at master/teacher level in over 150 Reiki systems , Sarah is a member of the folowing organisations and more than happy to supply references and further documentation.
  • The New Age Foundation
  • The World Wide Reiki Federation
  • The International Natural Healers Association
  • World Metaphysical Association (Chartered Member)
  • The Maheo'o Reiki Healing Centre
  • The Hypnotherapy Practitioners Guild
  • The School Of Natural Health Sciences (Associate)
  • Pink diamond Star Productions (founder)
  • The universal life church
  • Healers Unite Holistic Coalition (Reg Holisitic Facility) 

Sarah is a Medium, Psychic and Spiritual hands-on healer, she also works closely with Sage her Chinese medicine doctor guide, whom has the ability to carry out Hands-on Healing,distant healing and can perform surgery as well as Exercisms through her. Sage has assisted Sarah with her own healing for many years now helping her to ease her discomforts due to her genetic disorder 'Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and its many associated disorders.

Sarah has qualified within the following professions, as well as being awarded as an 'Adept In Mantic Arts' through the 'New Age Foundation'.

  • Hypnotherapist (D.H.P 
  • Psychotherapist (D.H.P)
  • Character Anologist (D.C.H)
  • Thought Pregonitionalist/Therapist  (D.H.P)
  • Crystal Healing Practitioner (S.N.H.S.Dip)
  • Dr Of Divinity Degree
  • Dr Of Metaphysics Degree
  • Ordained/Credentials Of Ministry

  • World Metaphysical Association Duly acknowledged as a 'SPIRITUAL MEDIUM'.

  • Sarah Slade is known worldwide as a spiritual Guru, she has been featured in many recent articles including her most recent feature within 'Spirit & Destiny Magazine', Oct 09 issue out Sept 3rd 09, which features some taster spiritual development exercises from within her book 'Guidance from the other side'.



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